Quicksilver Thursday Night Thunder

July 6, 2020 --- This past Thursday, T.J. Herndon and crew made their way to Clarksville Speedway in Clarksville, TN to compete in the Quicksilver Series’ Thursday Night Thunder event. After qualifying 2nd overall out of the 27 cars in attendance, Herndon was slated to start on the pole of the second qualifying heat of the evening. Unfortunately for some of the drivers that had problems in qualifying, an electrical transformer problem at the track forced series officials to line up the feature event by qualifying times in the interest of saving time. As the feature event got underway on a hooked-up track surface, Herndon knew that his only chance was to clear the pole sitter and get back to the bottom. He was able to run alongside the pole sitter for a couple of laps even pulling ahead momentarily but was never good enough to clear the dominant bottom line. Throughout the 30-lap feature, restart after restart, the leader would check out on cruise control as the Atwood Outlaw ran every lap with all he had. By not running the Quicksilver engine this year, Herndon knew he would be at a slight disadvantage but figured his package would still be competitive.

The Atwood Outlaw can still lay down a good qualifying lap when he can run his own line unimpeded but giving up 20 cubic inches, adding 200 lbs. and running a two barrel against the four barrels on a hooked up racetrack have proven to be too much to overcome in race trim. Herndon moved to the cushion midway through the race in efforts to gain momentum allowing the third place car to slip by on the bottom. The #1 UpFront Performance Special backed off the cushion and comfortably maintained his position for the remainder of the race. At the drop of the checkered flag, it would be the #7 of Tony Cruse easily taking his third win of the season followed to the stripe by Cody Hodges, T.J. Herndon, Charles Zimmerman, Brian Markham, Doug Belew, Josh Hartman, Todd Riley, Justin McDaniel with the #33 of Michael Hendrickson rounding out the top ten. For the latest news and complete results from the Quicksilver Series just train your browser to www.quicksilverseries.com.

Clash at the Mag Weekend

June 22, 2020 --- This past weekend, the Atwood Outlaw traveled South to Columbus, MS to book a couple of top five finishes in the General Tire “Clash at the MAG”. On Friday, Herndon timed in 6th overall out of the forty cars on hand for the night. After finishing 2nd in his qualifier, Herndon would roll to the green in the feature occupying the third row outside position. At the conclusion of Friday night’s feature event, the first to the stripe would be the #41m of Hayden Moran followed by Chad Winkles, Chad Thrash, T.J. Herndon, Shay Knight, Lee Ray, Jamie Sudduth, Bo Minor, Rodney Wing with Dewayne Estes rounding out the top ten.

On Saturday, the Atwood Outlaw once again timed in 6th overall out of the forty-one cars in attendance. Herndon managed to pull off a win in his qualifier and put the Dale’s Recycling Special on the outside front row for the start of the feature. At the start of Saturday night’s feature, Herndon’s adjustments throughout the weekend proved to continue to make the new car better although it was still a tick off where he wanted to be. As the feature unfolded, the 100 lap Late Model race ran earlier had the track locked down on the bottom. Each time a driver tried to move up a lane, more often than not, he would forfeit positions until he could get back to the bottom lane. As the checkers waved over the field, Chad Thrash would prove to be the class of the field. Following Chad to the stripe would be Carl Kilgore, Johnny Stokes, T.J. Herndon, Heath Minor, Hunter Holloway, Shay Knight, Matt Byrum, Rodney Wing with Bo Minor closing out the night in the 10th spot. Complete results from the weekend can be found by clicking on www.magnoliadirt.com.

AFCO / Allgood Racing Street Stock Classic

June 15, 2020 --- This past weekend, the Atwood Outlaw accompanied his teammate Dale Nelson in Batesville, Arkansas to breakout the super stock car for it’s first race. While Nelson’s ride was on kill all weekend, Herndon’s car not so much. On Friday night, a terrible pill draw and an ill-handling racecar resulted in lack luster finish in the qualifier which destined the #1 to roll to the green in the main event occupying the 16th position. In the following 30 laps, Herndon’s changes proved to provide some improvement as he advanced from 16th to finish 6th although the car still clearly failed to turn properly. Winning Friday night’s $1,500 to win main event would be Herndon’s teammate / car owner Dale Nelson in the Dale’s Recycling TJR #N1. Following Nelson to the stripe would be Richie Tosh, Kris Lloyd, Whitney Nunally, Peyton Taylor, T.J. Herndon, Chuck Knight, Kevin Salter, Austin Vincent with Jared Hays rounding out the top ten.

On Saturday night, The Atwood Outlaw tapped his son Drake to handle the pill draw which resulted in a much better outcome. The crew’s changes produced minor improvements, but Herndon continued to have to man handle the car to get it to turn through the corners. A decent finish in the qualifier along with an inversion put the #1 Dale’s Recycling special on the pole for Saturday’s $1,500 to win main event. The Atwood Outlaw continued to struggle to get the car to turn but managed to hang on to carve out a solid top five finish. As the checkered flag waved over the finish of the second 30 lap feature of the weekend. Dale Nelson and Richie Tosh would trade spots from the previous night with Tosh taking home the $1,500 on Saturday. Coming in second would be Dale Nelson followed by Kevin Salter and T.J. Herndon. Complete results from the weekend can be found by clicking on www.batesvillemotorspeedway.com. This coming weekend, the Dale’s Recycling team will be splitting up and headed in different directions with the #N1 team headed to TNR in Hohenwald, TN and the #1 team headed to Columbus, MS for the Clash at the MAG.

Quicksilver Corona Special

June 8, 2020 --- This past Saturday evening, the Atwood Outlaw and crew made their way to Clarksville Speedway in Clarksville, TN for the Quicksilver Street Stock Series $1,500 to win Carona Payout. In qualifying, Herndon circled the hooked-up clay oval at 14.925 which was .029 of a second off fast time earning him the pole starting spot in the second qualifying heat. Despite being significantly down on rpms with all the gear he had with him, Herndon managed to take the win in the qualifier and lock up outside the front row to start the main event. As the green fell on the start of the feature, the #7 of Tony Cruse lunged into the lead as T.J. fell in line occupying the second spot. Unfortunately, on lap two, the right front upper shock mount broke off leaving the Dale’s Recycling Special to limp through the corners without a right front shock. Herndon had fell back to the 4th position and was poised to finish with a solid top five but once again the full moon came into play.

Race officials had been allowing drivers to jump the start all night which eventually culminated in several damaged race cars. On a mid-race restart, the second-place driver jumped the start which resulted in turning the leader in front of the entire field. Herndon who was restarting 4th at the time was hard on the binders in efforts to stay off of the leaders that were turned sideways in front of him but was nailed by the car behind him shoving him hard into the melee. After some attention pit side, the #1 returned to the rear of the field for yet another re-start. After a few laps, Herndon opted to pull off the track and save any further damage to the car resulting in a DNF scored as a 12th place finish. Taking the win as well as the $1,500 check at the conclusion of the race would be Charles Zimmerman. Following Zimmerman to the stripe was Floyd Clinard, Joe Hamm, Tim Wilson, Justin McDaniel, Brian Markham, Tony Cruse, Ronnie Hedgepath, Carl Powers with Chris Shelton rounding out the top ten. For complete results from this past weekend, just click on www.quicksilverseries.com.

2020 Season Double Header Kick-Off

June 1, 2020 --- This past weekend, T.J. and crew made the short pull to Camden Motor Speedway in Camden, TN for his first appearance in the 2020 season. Herndon brought along both his UpFront Performance entry as well as his Dale’s Recycling Special to compete in both the CRUSA street stock class and the Quicksilver street stock sanction. With the facility lacking the equipment to qualify, pill draws in the 80’s positioned the Atwood Outlaw deep in the field to start the qualifiers. After winning the second qualifier of the CRUSA event, Herndon rolled to the green in the feature occupying the outside front row. The Outlaw wasted little time muscling the Dale’s Recycling Special to the point and opened up a comfortable lead which he would maintain throughout the contest before taking his first win of the 2020 season. Following the “Atwood Outlaw” to the stripe would be the #01 of Colby Brandon, Hunter Runions, Allen Carter, Dale Nelson, Dakota Berry, Jason Maurer, Justin Pugh, Hayden Moran with Princeton Kentucky’s Brian Markham rounding out the top ten.

After finishing 2nd in the fourth heat of the Quicksilver sanction, the reigning 2019 champion took the green flag of the main event from the 8th starting spot. Midway through the 25 lap event, Herndon had managed to move up to the third position where he would remain for the remainder of the event. Several late race cautions provided the “Atwood Outlaw” opportunities to make a run at the leaders but Herndon lacked the car to get it done on this occasion. As the checkers waived over the field, it would be the #7 of Tony Cruse taking the top spot with fellow Kentuckian Keaton Downing taking the 2nd spot. Finishing in 3rd & 4th respectively would be the Dale’s Recycling team cars of T.J. Herndon and Dale Nelson. Following Nelson to the stripe was Todd Riley, Charles Zimmerman, Floyd Clinard, Jr., Bubba Vandygriff, David Vandygriff with the #00 of Jimmy Nolen rounding out the top ten. For complete results from this past weekend, just train your browser to the following link: https://speedscoreone.com/trackresults/Camden%20Speedway/index.php.

With Herndon’s 2020 season finally getting kicked off in earnest, he and the crew plan to travel to Clarksville Speedway this weekend to once again compete in the Quicksilver Street Stock sanction before traveling to Batesville, AR, Columbus MS and Plymouth, IN in the upcoming weeks.


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