Camden Motor Speedway

May 17, 2021 --- This past weekend, T.J. Herndon and the Dale’s Recycling team stuck close to home and traveled to Camden Motor Speedway to compete in their weekly program. With Dale having previous obligations, Herndon decided to enter both the CRUSA class as well as testing the waters to see if the POWERi super stock car could hang with Camden’s Hobby class rules package. In the CRUSA class, Herndon started last in the heat and won to start on the pole of the feature. In the feature Herndon pushed his car to the lead and captured the win over the short field of just seven entries. Following T.J. under the checkers were Justin Pugh, Hunter Runions, Colby Brandon, Keaton Downing, Jeran Hudson with the #13 of Matthew Hill unable to make the start.

In the Hobby class, Herndon would start the 2nd heat alongside the #9 of R.J. Emison who consistently dominates the Hobby class at Camden. Herndon managed to pull off the heat win and secured the outside pole starting position in the final feature of the night. As the Hobby feature got underway, the Atwood Outlaw capitalized on his front row starting position to grab the point and lead a handful of opening laps. With track conditions being as they were, it became apparent early on that Herndon’s POWERi package had nothing for Emison as he passed Herndon and drove away to a comfortable lead. At the conclusion of the feature, it would be Emison taking the win followed by the #1 of the Atwood Outlaw in 2nd. Chasing Herndon to the stripe would be Devin Bawcum, Marlin Cathey, Sean Norman, Kevin Smith, Eddie Hill, Curtis Marquez, Thomas Dale with Billy Rushing failing to answer the bell. For complete results and the latest news associated with Camden Motor Speedway, log onto

Joe Garrison Memorial / Bad Boy 98

May 10, 2021 --- This past weekend, the Dale’s Recycling Race Team traveled to Batesville Motor Speedway in Batesville, Arkansas to compete in two separate shows with the POWERi super stock cars. On Friday night, Herndon managed to make the best of a bad pill draw and 6th place starting position in the eight-lap heat by finishing 2nd. After a top six inversion draw, Herndon rolled to the feature green flag occupying the fourth position. In the following twenty laps, the Atwood Outlaw and his teammate/car owner, Dale Nelson ran nose to tail while separating themselves from the rest of the field. At the conclusion of the first night of competition it would be all #N1 for the win followed closely by teammate T.J. Herndon. Chasing Herndon to the stripe would be Richie Tosh, Jason Winkle, Kris Lloyd, William Scruggs, Jeremy Tharp, Justin Jarrett, Carl Murphy with Blake Schmidt rounding out the top ten.

On Saturday night, Herndon once again had a terrible pill draw yielding a 7th place starting spot in his qualifier. Unfortunately, track conditions weren’t conducive for advancement in the heat and Herndon was able to pass only one car sentencing him to a 11th place starting spot in the feature event. As the 20 lap feature got underway, the Atwood Outlaw immediately started his move toward the front. As the laps wound down, Herndon had methodically worked his way to the front and made the pass for 2nd just as his teammate crossed the stripe for his second win in as many nights. Following Dale Nelson under the checkers would be the Atwood Outlaw, Kris Lloyd, Donnie Miller, Jason Winkle, Chuck Knight, Richie Tosh, Justin Jarrett, Hunter Duren with Lonnie Duncan rounding out the top ten. For complete results and the latest news associated with Batesville Motor Speedway, log onto You may also choose to watch both nights’ events by subscribing to

CRUSA Street Stock Series

May 3, 2021 --- This past weekend, the Dale’s Recycling Race Team once again supported Camden Motor Speedway in their CRUSA street stock series program. With ten cars on hand to compete, the class was split into two heats for qualifying. After the pill draw, both Herndon and Nelson would start last in their respective heats. Herndon managed to win his heat and secure the pole starting position for the feature as Nelson made into second locking him into the 4th starting spot. As the green flag waved over the feature, the Atwood Outlaw wasted no time in seizing the point while continuing to hustle the FikeFab chassis around the 3/8 mile clay oval. At the conclusion of the fifteen lap main event, it would be all Atwood Outlaw followed to the stripe by his Dale’s Recycling teammate Dale Nelson in 2nd. Following Nelson under the checkers was Colby Brandon, Justin Pugh, Hunter Runions, Jeran Hudson with Parker Neblett rounding out the top seven. Charles Zimmerman failed to finish as Matthew Hill and Joseph Hamm were unable to start the feature. For complete results and the latest news associated with Camden Motor Speedway, log onto

Golden Egg Spring Nationals at Magnolia

April 26, 2021 --- This past weekend T.J. Herndon and crew traveled to Magnolia Motor Speedway for the Golden Egg Spring Nationals. Herndon chose to bring the Dale’s Recycling #N1 car to make sure that it was on point for his car owner/teammate Dale Nelson. On Friday afternoon, Herndon qualified fastest out of the 33 drivers on hand for the first night of the two day event. The Atwood Outlaw went on to win the first of four qualifiers which would place him on the pole of the main event alongside Alabama’s Chad Winkles. Herndon wasted little time making his way to the point after taking the #N1 Dale’s Recycling Special to the low groove. At the conclusion of night one it would be it would be the Atwood Outlaw sweeping the night for the $1,000 check after receiving $200 from “Them Minor Boys” and Ace Portable Buildings for setting fast time as well as $100 from Statement Racecars for laying down the fastest lap during the twenty lap, caution free event. Following Herndon to the stripe would be Mississippi driver Justin McRee. Trailing McCree was Patrick Lyon, Chad Winkles, Chuck Thorne, Bo Minor, Lee Ray, Shay Knight, Spencer Hughes with Trey Bright rounding out the top ten.

On Saturday evening, with the series making a decision to change the qualifying format to group qualifying with a top six redraw, Herndon qualified 1st in his group during the hot lap time trials but failed to set overall fast time by .01 of a second. Herndon went on to finish 2nd in his 8 lap qualifier placing him in the top six redraw to determine the front three rows of the $3,000 to win 40 lap event. With Herndon planning to pace himself for the first half of the race, he took the green and sprinted to 3rd and started to count down laps. The first caution fell on lap twenty about the time that the team had planned to start turning up the wick. On the restart, Herndon was surprised when the second place car chose the inside with the top clearly dominant at the time. As the field took the green, McCree and Herndon rolled through turns one and two on the cushion and entered the back straightaway inches off the wall and nose to tail. For some unknown reason, the #01 car skated up the track making contact with the outside line and spinning into the infield. The race continued under green for another lap when the #01 car pulled onto the track bringing out a caution. During the caution, officials somehow determined that Herndon was responsible for the #01 spinning into the infield and sent the #N1 to the rear effectively eliminating him from contention for the win. As laps wound down, the Atwood Outlaw was feverously working traffic but failed to make it back to the front before time expired. As the checkers brought the race to a close, Justin McCree would be taking home the big check with the #01 of Patrick Lyons finishing second. Lyons was followed to the stripe by Jamie Sudduth, Spencer Hughes, Trey Bright, Trevor Woodard with T.J. Herndon salvaging a solid top ten with a 7th place finish. Trailing Herndon was Lee Ray, Bo Minor and Chuck Thorne rounding out the top ten.

For full results and all the latest news from this past weekend, check out the website at You can also watch the event on the following YouTube link; with special thanks to Dave Chism with KDR Sports Media. You can see the incident that took Herndon out of contention by pausing, blowing the image to full screen and viewing frames 3:55, 3:56, 3:57.

CRUSA Street Stock Series

April 19, 2021 --- This past weekend, the Dale’s Recycling Race Team took two cars to Camden Motor Speedway in Camden, TN to compete in the weekly street stock program. In pill draw qualifying, Herndon would start the heat in the 4th position out of the eight cars on hand to compete. Herndon made his way to the point and secured the win while earning the pole position starting spot for the feature event later in the evening. In the main event, the Atwood Outlaw would take the point early while streaking to a comfortable lead which he maintained the remainder of the night. Chasing the Yeoman powered #1 to the stripe was the #11 of Hunter Runions followed by Justin Pugh, Colby Brandon with the #N1 of Dale Nelson rounding out the top five. For complete results, you can train your browser to




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