Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series Race #5 at Camden

July 1, 2019 --- This past weekend T.J. Herndon and the UpFront Performance crew stayed close to home and carried his Quicksilver car to Camden Speedway to compete in the 5th race of their series. He also agreed to take the wheel for the night of the #52 Durrence Layne street stock of Jeran Hudson. In street stock qualifying of 19 entries, Herndon started forth and finished second in the second heat slating him for a fourth place starting position in the street stock feature later in the evening. With no timing system at Camden Speedway, the twenty Quicksilver entries were lined up into three qualifiers by pill draw. The Atwood Outlaw started third in the second qualifier and advanced to a win which parlayed into an outside pole starting position in the Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series’ main event for the evening.

In the Durrence Layne street stock feature, Herndon rolled to the green flag occupying the 4th position. After twenty laps, Herndon retreated back into the field at times and gained positions at others. As the checkers waved over the field after twenty laps, the #52 closed out the night with a respectable top five finish. Taking the win in the Durrence Layne feature was Herndon’s teammate the N1jr. of Cody Nelson followed to the stripe by Keaton Downing, Jimmy Nolen, Chad Winkles, T.J. Herndon, Joseph Hamm, Brian Markham, Justin Pugh, Colby Brandon with Paducah Kentucky driver Tony Cruse rounding out the top ten.

As the Quicksilver main event of the evening took the green flag, Herndon settled into the second position behind pole sitter Wyatt Hill patiently awaiting his tires to build heat. As his tires began to come in, Herndon made the pass on the leader and never looked back while opening up as much as a straightaway lead at times between cautions. As the twenty five lapper came to a close, it would be all Atwood Outlaw as he put a bow on his fourth feature win out of the five races in the Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series this season. Chasing the #1 R.C. Mathews Contractor, Super 98 Custom Works monte carlo to the finish line was Wyatt Hill, Dale Nelson, Tony Cruse, Joel Landers, Charles Zimmerman, Brian Markham, Keaton Downing, Jason Dukes with the #00 of Jimmy Nolen rounding out the top ten. For the latest news and results from Camden Speedway, check them out on Facebook or on the web at www.camdenracing.com.

Inaugural Street Stock "Rally at the River"

June 17, 2019 --- This past weekend T.J. Herndon, Cody Nelson and crew descended upon Duck River Raceway Park in Wheel, TN for a three day show labeled as the “Rally at the River”. Choosing to forgo the first night of practice, the crew showed up on Friday night for the qualifying portion of the event. With all qualifying being determined by heat race finishes, when the line-ups for the qualifiers were posted, surprisingly, three of the four fastest cars would find themselves in heat two. Herndon would go on to win heat two and lock himself into the outside pole of the main event after passing the post race tech P&G testing.

On Saturday night, Herndon took the green in the main event and wasted little time placing the #1 machine up front and began to set a pace for the fifty laps ahead. With Herndon and Winkles opening up distance on the third place challenger, Herndon tried to slow the pace as they got closer and closer to the rear of the field. On lap 14 some cars got together and spun at the rear of the field with Herndon taking evasive action and clearing them but unfortunately the #23 of Winkles tko’d the left front of the #1 machine necessitating a stop for officials to pull his fender off of the tire and also remove his hood. Herndon would restart lap 15 with an excellent car with seemingly no mechanical damage other than the aero effects of losing his hood. As the field took the green, Herndon and Winkles drag raced down the back stretch door to door with Winkles on the low side and Herndon on the cushion. As the field exited turn four, Winkles left the bottom and drove to the wall pinning Herndon and forcing his car to climb the wall while almost overturning. As Herndon’s car came down off of the wall he never lifted and entered turn one on the bottom with his momentum carrying him up the track making contact with the #23 car. Although neither Herndon or Winkles stopped forward motion, the #1 car was charged with a caution as several cars spun avoiding a potential accident. So on lap 15, the Atwood Outlaw would restart 26th with a car that was still an excellent piece other than some slight toe-out damage with thirty five laps to go.

Herndon started a fervent charge to the front at the drop of the green. On a caution at lap 37 he had made it into the 14th position. By the next caution on lap 45 he had advanced to the 4th position. Things were looking good for the Outlaw with he and the third place car running the same line, the double file restarts that they had instituted all weekend would place him on the outside of the second row for the restart with Rhinehart to his inside. As luck would have it, with five laps remaining, race officials decided to go to a single file restart. As the Rally at the River concluded, the Atwood Outlaw would wrestle out a third place finish. Although it wasn’t a win, the fans in the stands expressed their gratitude for his efforts and never die attitude that he exhibited in his charge to the front with an overwhelming applause. The winner of the $3,000 to win 1st Annual Rally at the River was the #444 of Brooks Strength followed by Eddie Rhinehart, T.J. Herndon, Michael Blade, Trevor Woodard, Allen Carter, Chad Winkles, Wyatt Hill, Joe Hamm with Charles Zimmerman rounding out the top ten. For the latest news and results from Duck River Raceway Park check them out on Facebook or on the web at www.duckriverracewaypark.com.

"Clash at the Mag"

June 3, 2019 --- T.J. Herndon and his team blew into Columbus, Ms on May 30th for the first of a three night show at Magnolia Motor Speedway. On night one, Herndon recorded fast time during qualifying by laying down a 17.150 with second place qualifier Jamey Boland putting a 17.250 on the board. By virtue of his time, Herndon started the qualifier on the pole and managed to go ahead and take the victory in heat one parlaying into a pole starting position for the first nightly feature. As the field took the green on the main event, Herndon’s car never came up to speed while holding his line and allowing all cars to get by before taking a hard left into the infield. Everyone would later learn that the #1 machine lost a rear differential on the initial take off and never powered up resulting in a rare DNF that credited the points leader of the series with a 24th place finish.

On night two, T.J. timed in 4th quick resulting in an outside pole starting position of the first qualifier. The Atwood Outlaw would go on and take the win in the first heat rewarding him with the pole starting position for the street stock main event. Herndon rebounded from the night before by hustling the #1 Dale’s Recycling, Yeoman Race Engines, R.C. Mathews Contractor, Super 98 Customworks machine to cross the checkers while leading the pack. Following the Outlaw to the stripe would be Hayden Moran, Jamey Boland, Spencer Hughes, Johnny Stokes, Bryan Fortner, Jason Hollis, T.J.’s teammate Dale Nelson, Sr. crossed the line in the 8th position tailed by David Williamson and Chad Thrash rounding out the top ten.

On night three, Herndon timed in 5th in the qualifying session which placed him out side pole of the second qualifying heat. Herndon finished second in his heat and locked into the nightly main occupying the 5th starting position out of the 25 cars entered. A decision not run wheel covers in the feature most likely cost the team big time. With a large hole occupying the bottom exit of turn four, Herndon filled the rim with mud early on and the tire was so bad out of balance that the left rear developed a violent bounce making traction almost impossible. In true Atwood Outlaw fashion, Herndon made the best of the bad situation and fought the whole race to hammer out a top five finish. Crossing the stripe first was Hayden Moran followed by Jamey Boland, Spencer Hughes, Chad Winkles with T.J. Herndon coming in fifth. Chasing Herndon to the line would be Johnny Stokes, Brooks Strength, Dale Nelson, Sr., Matt Byram with David Williamson rounding out the top ten. For the latest news and results from Magnolia Motor Speedway, check them out on Facebook or on the web at www.magnoliadirt.com.

Duck River "Sunday Funday Shootout"

May 29, 2019 --- On Sunday afternoon after his historic run the previous evening at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, T.J. and his crew made the trip to Duck River Raceway about an hour south of Nashville to take the wheel of the Durrence Layne street stock ran out of the Nelson Racing stable. Herndon kicked the evening off on the right foot by laying down the fastest time in qualifying. The Atwood Outlaw finished 2nd in the quick six dash and thought that he was good to go starting outside front row in the feature only to find that the winner of the dash would be allowed to pick high or low on a surface that had proven to be high side dominant.

As the feature took to the track and went green, the #17 of Mark Haddon immediately assumed the point with the #1 of Herndon tucking in behind him. As the field entered turn three before the first lap was complete, the #23 of Chad Winkles made hard contact with the right rear of Herndon’s ride spinning him in front of the entire field. Herndon got to the infield as quick as possible and luckily only lost a right front fender with no apparent mechanical damage in the melee as 25 cars managed to get by cleanly. On the restart, the field got away cleanly with the #17 once again taking command at the point. Herndon once again tucked in behind Haddon and followed the pace through the early laps of the race. Somewhere around mid way, Haddon’s ride began to tighten up and caused him to jump the cushion allowing Herndon and Winkles to slip by. From that point forward, the Atwood Outlaw took command and was unchallenged for the remainder of the event. Following Herndon under the checkers was Chad Winkles, Mark Haddon, Trevor Woodard, Michael Kirby, Justin McDaniel, Brian Hudson, Krista Travis, Bruce Odom with the #57 of Mickey Dunn rounding out the top ten. For the latest news and results of the Mid-South Big 10 Street Stock Series, check them out on Facebook.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway “DIRTcar Clash”

May 28, 2019 --- This past Friday, T.J. Herndon and the UpFront Performance team made their way to the oldest continually operating track in the United States to get in a few test laps before history was to be made at Saturday’s event. After almost two weeks of track preparation and 181 truckloads of dirt, the ¼ mile oval located at the historical Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway was transformed for the first dirt track event to be held on the grounds since 1958. On Saturday, with a few changes made from the knowledge gained on the previous night, Herndon excelled by laying down the fastest lap during qualifying out of the 36 drivers that on hand to contend for the win. By circling the historic quarter mile at 17.235 the Atwood Outlaw etched his name in the Nashville Speedway history books by setting a new track record in the first ever DIRTcar Clash. Herndon then went on to win his qualifying heat by a sizable margin to earn the outside pole starting position in the main event.

As the Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series took to the track, the twenty four qualifiers circled the track in a four wide salute to the fans before settling into their starting positions for the drop of the green. As the starter gave the green to the field, everyone fired cleanly and Herndon fell in behind his teammate Dale Nelson who started from the pole position. The first caution flew around lap three as Herndon and Nelson made contact while entering turn one. Race officials ruled the contact a spin on Nelson and sent the N1 to the rear on the somewhat questionable call. On the re-start, Herndon took the lead and never looked back with his machine a full second faster than anyone else on the track. As the Atwood Outlaw took the checkers, he would seal the deal by winning his third Quicksilver Series feature event in the three events that he has competed in. Following Herndon to the stripe would be Chad Winkles, Charles Zimmerman, Eddie Rhinehart, J.R. Mason, Kaleb Vandygriff, Trevor Woodard, Dean Travis, Dale Nelson with Cody Nelson rounding out the top ten. For the latest results, information and news associated with this and other special events of the Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series just follow them by clicking on www.quicksilverseries.com.

“Battle at the Hill” presented by Columbia Powersports

May 20, 2019 --- This past weekend, T.J. Herndon and Cody Nelson made their way to Thunderhill Raceway Park to compete in the $1,000 to win “Battle at the Hill”. On Friday afternoon as the drivers took to the high banks for qualifying, the #57 RaceTek car of Keaton Downing laid down the fastest lap of qualifying with a 14.470 . The Atwood Outlaw registered a 14.558 which punched his ticket for the outside front row of the six lap dash establishing the top six starting positions in Saturday’s Mid-South Big 10 Street Stock Series “Battle at the Hill”. As the quick six dash took the green, Herndon rocketed to the lead and never looked back while taking the win and securing the pole position for a $500 to win weekly feature latter in the evening as well as a pole starting spot for the $1,000 check on Saturday night.

With 22 cars on hand for the night and after starting positions were contested in the heat race format, the cars took to the track for the feature event. As the starter dropped the green, the blue #1 RaceTek machine squirted to the top of the leader board and maintained control of the race from start to finish while picking up the $500 for Thunderhill’s Inaugral Spring Fling event. Following the Atwood Outlaw to the checkers were Eddie Rhinehart, Dillion Scott, Joel Landers, Bryce Trull, Craig Pedrick, Kaleb Vandergriff, Trevor Woodard, Kennan Vandergriff with the #20 car of Michael Kirby rounding out the top ten.

On Saturday night with all of the qualifiers out of the way, the Durrence Layne street stocks took to the track for the $1,000 to win “Battle at the Hill”. As the green waved over the field and the race got under way, Herndon once again assumed the point where he would remain until just beyond the half way point while being pressured by the #93 of Eddie Rhinehart. Rhinehart made it around Herndon for a lead change on about lap eighteen. For the remainder of the event, it would be Herndon’s turn to apply pressure to the #93. As the laps wound down, Rhinehart would circle mistake free and allow no chances for the Atwood Outlaw to pull off a robbery on this occasion. Following Rhinehart and Herndon to the stripe would be Will Burke, Cody “Hollywood” Nelson, Dillion Scott, Trevor Woodard, Michael Blade, Craig Pedrick, Keenan Vandygriff with John Duncan rounding out the top ten for the night. For the latest results, information and news associated with this and other special events at Thunderhill Raceway Park, just follow them by clicking on www.thunderhillracewaypark.com.

2019 Mississippi Golden Egg Spring Nationals

April 29, 2019 --- This past weekend, T.J. Herndon traveled to Magnolia Motor Speedway with the Dale’s Recycling street stock team for the $5,000 to win Golden Egg Spring Nationals. After qualifying 4th overall of the thirty nine cars in attendance, the Atwood Outlaw locked into the main event with five other drivers and would participate in a six lap dash on Saturday afternoon determining the starting positions of the top six. Herndon would go on to finish 2nd in the dash behind Chad Thrash. Following T.J. to the stripe would be Justin McRee, Hayden Moran, Charles Christian and Jason Hollis. The finishing positions of the dash would set the first two rows of the feature event scheduled to start three wide later in the evening.

As the green flag waved to start of the main event, The Atwood Outlaw settled into second place behind the #54 of Chad Thrash. Throughout the fifty lap event, the race was littered with several cautions and one red flag. On each restart, Herndon struggled to get going as a mechanical issue impeded his RT1 from coming up to speed. As the laps ticked off, Herndon managed to keep the blue #1 up front behind the #54 of Thrash but never had quite enough to challenge for the lead. As the checkered fell, Thrash would cross the stripe first followed by the Atwood Outlaw, T.K. King, Spencer Hughes, Kyle Livingood, Neil Brown, Johnny Stokes, Lee Ray, Jamey Boland, Jamie Sudduth with Cody Nelson rounding out the top ten. Unlike most post race inspections, the excitement escalated and rivaled anything that was seen in the previous fifty laps. Unfortunately, as the #54 car of Thrash crossed the scales it would prove to be 55 lbs. light. With the series allowing all drivers a pound per lap allowance for fuel burn-off the #54 would still weigh in as 5 lbs. light at the scales. Next to hit the scales would be the #1 of the Atwood Outlaw. Herndon’s RT1 would prove to be 40 lbs. heavy making him actually 90 lbs. heavy with the fifty pound fuel burn-off allowance. The third place car of T.K. King also made weight before the #54 returned to the scales for a reevaluation.

After the second trip to the scales, the #54 would prove to still be 5 lbs. light giving the unofficial win to T.J. Herndon. As the photo session wound down on the front straightaway, the team was notified that the now second place finisher of T.K. King had filed a protest and that the engine would need to be pulled and compounded for a full engine tear down the following day. On Sunday afternoon, the national tech director for Durrence Layne had made his way from Talladega, AL to do the tear down. After a complete tear down, the tech director declared Herndon’s engine to be 100% legal in all aspects. Herndon also had tire samples pulled that were sent to the lab for testing and they also were shown to be legal as per the lab results. T.J. would like to thank all of his sponsors that do their part to keep him up front. Special thanks to Daniel Potts, Darrell Beckham and Shawn Chizk for staying over and helping with the engine pull and tear down. Two thumbs up for John and Greg at Yeoman Race Engines for getting us freshened up and back going. Also a big shout out to ICI Drywall, Arizona Sports Shirts, Delph Communications, Rockhard Powdercoating, Bell, BSB, Custom Race Carbs, Fike Fab, Super 98 Custom Works, R.C. Mathews Contractor, RaceTek, Dale’s Recycling, Mack’s Camo Connection, XRG Race Graphics, Bodies by Snugs & UpFront Storage. A very special thanks goes out to Cody Nelson for allowing T.J. to be a part of his team and pilot this awesome RaceTek ride. For the latest information and news associated with this and other special events at Magnolia Motor Speedway, just follow them by clicking on www.magnoliadirt.com.

Whynot Motorsports Park Battle of the States

March 25, 2019 --- This past weekend, T.J. Herndon reassumed the wheel of the Dale’s Recycling, RaceTek RT1 street stock at Whynot Motorsports Park in Meridian Mississippi. Herndon entered in contention for the 2019 Battle of the States prize belt as well as $1,200 in spending money. After stripping the car completely down over the winter, the crew worked feverishly to correct issues that were affecting performance on the track. The Atwood Outlaw qualified around 7th during time trails out of the forty something cars in attendance. In the qualifiers, with performance issues continuing to linger, Herndon piloted the #1 machine to a win of the third qualifier which translated into a 3rd place starting position in the main event.

As the green flag waved at the start of the main event, The Atwood Outlaw wasted little time settling in to pressure the leaders. On long green flag runs, Moran and Herndon would be able to put distance between them and the remainder of the field. Throughout the middle of the race, Herndon was able to overcome his mechanical issues and maintain a solid second place but was unable to apply pressure on the leader. Unfortunately, on a late race restart, Herndon got door slammed in a failed pass attempt and was unable to navigate the bottom of the racetrack for the remainder of the race. As the checkered flag waved over the field, it would be Hayden Moran taking home the belt and the big check. Following Hayden to the stripe would be the #5 of Jason Hollis followed by the Atwood Outlaw finishing in the 3rd position. Following Herndon to the stripe would be Johnny Stokes, Ray Lee, Spencer Hughes, Bryan Fortner, Jamey Boland, David Williamson with Race McMahon rounding out the top ten. For the latest information and news associated with this and other special events at Whynot Motorsports Park, just follow them by clicking on www.whynotmotorsportspark.com.

Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series

March 4, 2019 --- This past weekend, T.J. Herndon stepped out of the role of hired gun and he and the UpFront Performance team carried his own personal car to Clarksville Speedway to compete in the inaugural event of the Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series. On Friday night, twenty five drivers showed up to compete for the coveted plunger trophy. During the qualifying portion of the event, the “Atwood Outlaw” wasted little time making his presence known by laying down the fastest lap and claiming the pole for the inaugural event. Herndon then continued to parlay his starting position into a feature win by leading all laps from green to checkers. Following Herndon to the stripe would be Tony Cruse, Dale Nelson, Brian Markham, “Hollywood” Cody Nelson, “Shelbyville Shocker” Joel Landers, Lamar Hughes, Tim Wilson, Charles Zimmerman with Mississippi’s own Bryan Fortner rounding out the top ten.

As the program got underway on Saturday afternoon, Herndon once again qualified up front by laying down the second fastest lap while being bested by local hot shoe Brian Markham who would assume the pole in the first qualifying heat. Herndon would assume the pole of the second heat with the N1jr of Cody Nelson on the pole of the third heat. Herndon and Nelson would go on to win their respective heats with David Earl Gentry taking the win in the first qualifier and locking in for the pole position for the main event quest for the porcelain throne.

As the main event took the green, Gentry took the lead down the front straightaway. As the field entered turns one and two, Herndon pulled a crossover move to make the pass on Gentry as they exited turn two. Unfortunately, as the “Atwood Outlaw” completed the pass, the caution flew over the field due to some of the cars in the rear of the field getting tangled. When the caution initially came out and Herndon got hard on the binders, his aggressive brake pads sparked and ignited the vapors emerging from his fuel cell vent. Race officials forced the #1 to the infield and made Herndon exit the car as the fire looked much more serious than it was in actuality. One shot from the fire extinguisher and the “Atwood Outlaw” was ready to saddle back up for the night. Fortunately, the caution had been displayed before Herndon’s incident and no laps were completed mandating a complete restart. As the field took the green for the second time, Herndon took the lead down the front straight and maintained the lead off of turn two and down the back straight. Herndon would go on to lead all laps and take the victory in the caution riddled 25 lap quest for the coveted toilet trophy. Following the #1 car to the checkers would be David Earl Gentry, Wyatt Hill, Tim Wilson, Joel Landers, Charles Zimmerman, Cody Nelson, Craig Pedrick, Bubba Vandygriff with Floyd Clinard rounding out the top ten finishers. For the latest information and news associated with the Quicksilver Street Stock Performance Series just follow them on Facebook.

Herndon is the Durrence Layne Street Stock World Champion!

January 14, 2019 --- T.J. Herndon of Atwood, TN drove the Race Tek/Dale’s Recycling Special to victory on Saturday in the 3rd Annual Durrence Layne Performance Parts Street Stock World Championship Race at Cochran Motor Speedway in Cochran, GA. Herndon took the lead from Ronnie Johnson of Chattanooga, TN on lap 23, and then went unchallenged in the second half of the race. (Tommy Bates Photo)

“Ronnie was tough in the first half of the race and he just could get off the corners better than me,” Herndon said. “I was just trying to be patient and hang on for second until the track came to me. My car got better as the race went on, and I was able to get under Ronnie and take the lead.”

Herndon and Johnson were teammates to make up a potent “Tennessee Trio” with Race Tek Race Cars of Trezevant, TN for a one-two finish with Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC in Claxton, GA helping out with sponsorship on Johnson’s ride. Michael Stalnaker of Ocala, FL was third in the SRE Electrical Special. | full story



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